A new podcast about my 15 years in SaaS

Hi everyone!

I've been a member of IndieHackers for a while now, and continue to be blown away by how uniquely supportive and valuable the feedback from everyone here is.

I co-founded GoSquared all the way back in 2006(!) with two of my best friends from school, and have been building, learning, failing, and winning in the world of SaaS ever since.

Yesterday was a rubbish day for me. I woke up frustrated, anxious, feeling deflated and not sure what to do. I almost felt like calling in sick. But instead I put my running kit on and got out for a run in the rain.

When I came back, I said "f**k it" and hit record on my Mac, and spoke about what was on my mind.

Later in the evening, through the wonders of SaaS – tools like Transistor, Descript, and Epidemic Sound enabled me to take my ramblings and make them into a podcast in a few hours.

I didn't overthink this, and I know I can do better, but I started, and I hope I can continue.

Here's the show: https://www.lostandfounder.net

What would make my day is:

  • Would you mind listening?
  • Can you tell me what you like / don't like?
  • Can you ask me questions you'd like to hear me answer?
  • Would you mind subscribing so I can do more, and so you can see me take your feedback on board?

This whole thing is a bit scary – I haven't been this open or put myself personally out there much like this before. But I know if there's any community that will help me do this and become better at this, then it's here.

Thanks all 🙏


  1. 2

    Love the name. Will check out the episode.

    1. 1

      Thanks so much Evang! Hugely appreciate it! Hoping to share more soon. Anything you’d want me to cover on a future episode?

  2. 2

    What I liked the most about this is that you just did it

    Got something out there that you can improve from.

    1. 1

      Thank you Beth! "The first draft of anything is shit" – I always remember seeing that on a poster in our office a while back!

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