A repository of growth strategies

Good day fellow hackers.

I've just launch my site: www.growthunt.com, where I curates and summarises growth case studies posted by entrepreneurs.

You can filter these TL;DR case studies by different strategies types.

For example, if you select "Pinterest", you will get a summary of the strategies that Brittany Finkle, founder of a bridal wear e-boutique called Happily Ever Borrowed, used to get 2M monthly views on Pinterest.

Appreciate any feedback on this! Thank you and have a good one!

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    This reminds me very much of marketingexamples.com by @harrydry . Now, we have two amazing resources for marketing!

    1. 1

      Thats very kind of you! I'm still a long way away from @harrydry amazing work.

  2. 2

    This is great, I really like this way of sharing info.

  3. 1

    Thank you this will be really useful.

  4. 1

    Great idea! I don't know much about marketing so it's quite helpful for me. Thanks

    1. 1

      Please feel free to drop me any message or feedback on how I can improve the site!

  5. 1

    This looks great! There's a lot of information here.

    Just a small feedback - your page title and favicon seem off. I think fixing that could help SEO.

    1. 1

      Thanks @rofws. I'm going to bring it up with pory.io as I'm using their tool to create this site.

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    I've also added a form for anyone who is interested to submit their own growth strategies!

    I will review and summarise your article and add into the repository for all to learn from.


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