A roadmap to become Laravel developer in 2020

Trying to put up a roadmap for "How to become a Laravel developer in 2020". Aim is to put up a straightforward sequential topics that one may need to learn to become a skilled Laravel developer so that beginners can easily figure out what to learn next. I've put up a basic layout but need more input from expert of the communities to make it more useful.


  1. 1

    Thanks for this! Been learning Laravel for a couple months so this is really helpful to visualise the path ahead

  2. 1

    I just installed laravel for the first time. It's a PITA. also needs Composer as well as Vagrant and Homestead.

    1. 1

      vagrant and homestead are not necessary, you can run laravel on any php enabled system.

      Composer is a package manager for php like any other package manager for other language. For any modern language ecosystem package manager is essential. Its not specific for laravel, you'll need it for every modern framework.

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