A SaaS starter-kit for React developers

Building a SaaS platform is hard, especially if you're a developer who needs to build everything by yourself.

When you have a great idea and start working on it from scratch, you feel a rush of excitement. It's great to work on an interesting idea, but instead of focusing on what makes your product unique, you first need to put in the hours on things that are less exciting. Configuring a project, building authentication flows, integrating payments, building forms, etc.

That's what I have experienced a lot, and that's why I'm building a SaaS boilerplate for React developers. Using Next.js in combination with a serverless platform to handle all the backend stuff.

For now, I think this project will be a success when a single developer:

  • Can easily deploy and run the application for free (only pay for what you use).
  • Does not have to worry about handling payments, subscriptions, user profiles, roles, authentication, translations, or notifications.
  • Feels like he/she's working with a Rails-like framework that has scaffoldings features and conventions.
  • Saves many hours building a SaaS business.

If you are interested in following me on this journey, please sign up at serverlesssaas.com.

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    Signed up! Gotta support fellow Dutchies 😉 Nice use of Tailwind UI btw

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