A simple Newsletter directory and inspiration website

Hi friends,

I always loved Newsletters and respect the people who create them. Mostly, it's the marketing team in any organization.
I also wanted to do something related to creators economy. So, I feel happy to launch my niche blog which will act as a Newsletter directory and also feature interviews from Newsletter creators.

This is one way of adding to your credibility and also get more subscribers.

If you have a Newsletter to promote, please email me answering few questions in this url.

I will be happy with any small contribution after the story is published. These are blogs which I make as a part of my SaaS Directory - https://www.chandrasaas.com/

My Mom was not well this morning but somehow, I feel satisfied for showcasing couple of interviews and presenting it to you.

Our karma is to take care of parents. With that message, I wish you all a beautiful day!

Please show your support.


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