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Hi guys,

Can you please give me an honest review or suggestions for my blog site?

I am running a blogger social site for a year actually a site is a place for Bloggers to collaborate and network, it has a ton of features like the following blogger, messaging system, homepage show blogs to followers, blog stats, and option to accept the donation and reading mode and others.

I actually made this site to help the new blogger network with others, I don’t make any money with the site, and is bearing the cloud hosting and costing of privacy-focused analytics from the last 2 years.

I have to spend a lot of money on the site but as I don’t have funds like other big tech companies to spend on the marketing of the site all the users I got were through SEO because luckily our articles rank better.

I don’t want to close the website, please suggest what improvement needed to be done so that it helps bloggers find it helpful.

The site is https://www.bucketbuff.com

Thank you very much for your time!

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    Well, the site doesn't look terrible. But I did notice a few things that turned me off right away:

    1. The site took a LONG time to load. If I weren't going there because of your post here, I would have left well before the site loaded.

    2. The grammar throughout the page is really bad. Lots of grammatical errors = loss of trust.

    3. The value isn't obvious. From reading your description here and then scanning the homepage, I'm still not 100% sure what it is.

    • Is it a social network for bloggers? If so, the design doesn't make it seem that way. It looks like a blog itself. Also, the idea of a social network for bloggers sounds like a good idea at the top level, but also sounds like it would just be a spam dump of people sharing their own posts... (which is what most blogging facebook groups become if community guidelines aren't strong and enforced)

    • Is it a blogging network like Blogher? If so, it doesn't really come off as such.

    • Is it a new place to blog like Tumblr or Blogger?

    I think the biggest thing is the messaging and USP. The impression I get is this is something that seemed very clear to you and you wanted to create it, but maybe didn't talk to enough potential customers/users before creating it to get your messaging and USP down.

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      Thank you so much for your honest feedback but it is the first time that someone has complained about the site speed not sure why it took a long time to load for you, by the way, we have made some changes on the server level I hope it will load faster now and thanks for mentioning the grammatical error on the homepage which we didn't notice.

      Yes, You cannot call it a full-fledged social networking site but a platform where you can write and connect with other bloggers or readers as we offer messaging, follower system, and readers the option to recommend a story. These features help writers build a community of readers and can make blog posts go viral.

      A lot of the site features are unveiled when you log in to the site which could not be seen on the homepage as when you log in to the site the homepage completely changes and it shows the article of the bloggers you follow and some trending posts and other interesting feature.

      Do you suggest changing the homepage and show the homepage similar to what logged-in users are currently shown?

      I totally agree with you that a site like that can attract spammy people who will share their own post like Facebook blogging groups and we were aware of that so that's why we have two sections of the site one is the blog part and the other is the wall part( could call it like a Facebook timeline). In the wall part, the reader or writer can share an interesting link to their friend or follower and in the blog part, you write new content and adhering to the community guidelines and are enforced by the moderator chosen from the community who gets verified tag for writing the high-quality content.

      What other changes do you suggest we can make on the homepage or overall on the site, If you want to see the full feature of the site, I can create a demo account for you so that you can check what registered user experiences as you were some of the few people who have shared genuine feedback.

      Your feedback was really valuable, Thank you so much once again.

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        I think it's vital to show people what to expect inside an app. When you don't show people what to expect (or worse--show them a heightened version of what to expect) there is confusion. Confusion = no conversion.

        The only other changes I would suggest are just simplification of the messaging. What makes this better than just joining a Facebook group? What is the clear and concise benefit to using it over Facebook?

        Bottom line is, you can't beat Facebook with reach. You can't beat Facebook on number of features. But if you focus on one thing, you can potentially beat facebook on quality, usability, and simplicity.

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