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A structured, data-driven, approach to building an audience

I want to grow my Twitter audience. I am not unique in that regard because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of tutorials, courses and projects that you can purchase for this.

Ultimately, it's all about consistently delivering value, building a reputation and building relationships.

There are plenty of tools that help you schedule content to increase your reach. What I haven't come across yet is a tool to manage your relationships on Twitter.

For everything in life, I really like a structured approach and that's how I would like to approach growing my audience as well.

The SaaS product as shown in the screenshot gives you an overview of your audience-funnel. For the most part, this can be updated automatically after connecting it to your account.

Could a tool like this be for you? Should I build it?

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    Contact me if you would like to test-drive this! 😃

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