Meetups April 22, 2019

A thread on how I grew the London community of Indie Hackers to 80+ attendees per event.

Ghyslain Gaillard @ghyslain

Hi everyone,

For the past year, my sole and only side-project as been to run the Indie London community of indie hackers.

I just finished a thread a Twitter about everything that went through it.

This will likely be turned into a blog post. Let me know if you have questions about running events and what more should be included.

#meetups #meetup

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    Nice recap Ghyslain and great work with the meetups. I'll have a think through the questions you posed at the end of the thread and let you know if any comes up.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. 1

    nice one + good read. You and @Grills have done a fantastic job!

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