A Tool to Quickly Scaffold Custom SAAS Projects

I've built a very simple prototype tool that takes a you for zero to a working custom SAAS project in a few seconds. Check out the tweet for animated walkthrough.

Looking to see if makers here would find this useful?

If not, what would you need to make this a usable tool for you?

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      Oh thanks. nice find. One thing i'm hoping to offer beyond this is the ability add specific feature and not just different technologies. You could select from a huge list of useful SAAS functionality (payment models, file uploading, search functionality) to compose together your inital project

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    This. Looks. Amazing.

    Is it available anywhere to try out?

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      Thanks a lot. I’m looking to make this publicly available in the next few weeks.

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    Yup looks like an interesting tool. I'd love to get my hands on something like this. Considering this is a cli tool how do you plan to monitise it? Or are you planning to open source it?

    Either way, great idea :)

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      Thanks for the support. Going to open source it. However I’m going to make it extendible so I won’t be doing all the dev myself

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        It's a nice idea looking forward to seeing it in action :)

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    Totally would use this! Love the headless/minimal approach.

    Edit: Also, would this be open source? A payed tool? When do you plan to release an mvp?

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      Hey hey. Plan is to open source in the next few weeks. Thanks for your encouraging words

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        Sweet - this is going to help me and many other developers so so much!

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    Cool! Would be nice to see Hasura and Supabase as backend options.

    1. 1

      Nice. Been looking at how to expand. Will look into these for sure

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    Wow! Thats got to shave a ton of time off the process...

    1. 1

      I’m really hoping so

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    This is really cool! That'd save a ton of time and would help me feel more comfortable changing tech since right now I rely on a set of templates I've created and don't usually deviate from my standard stack.

    1. 2

      Yes exactly. I think this tool could allow quicker experimentation with stacks and genuinely help people use the right tool for the job.

      I also wonder if the tool could get smart about suggesting tech based on criteria. e.g. price and dev experience. Im dreaming a bit now though.

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