A twice-daily newsletter to keep you motivated in the mornings and relax at night.

Hi Newsletter Crew,

We all have been dealing with the craziness of 2020 so far, and I realized that my daily routine of checking my emails wasn't motivating me in the morning or putting me to bed at night. I created Dawn + Dusk, a twice-daily newsletter where you receive tidbits of productive and wellness resources at Dawn and then again at Dusk.

I was hoping to receive feedback while I continue to build out the content and website.


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    Hey Emily.
    Conceptually I like your idea for the newsletter.

    The problem is with the email itself.

    To be more productive it is the best not to check emails for the first 2-3 hours in the morning. I interview business founders at thefuturefounder.com and it is one of the things they mention the most on how to stay productive. As soon as you check one email you'll check another one and another one. I think it is not solving a problem.

    And pretty much the same problem is in the evening. I try to turn off my phone and pretty much all screens at 8 pm. I notice that I sleep much better.

    And it is tricky with the time zones. Your emails will not arrive for everyone in the morning.

    Also, two newsletters a day is far too much for me. I'm happy with one or two per week. But that's about it. It is just too much of everything already now.

    I could see this newsletter as two newsletters a week. I would design them in two different colours(yellow and blue) like your landing page theme.

    Start(Tue or Wed) of the week how to be more productive and get shit done.
    End(Sat or Sun) of the week how to relax and wind down.

    Keep making good stuff.

    That's me.

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    Hey Emily,

    I like your idea! I would counter Joshua's post and say that the majority of us would subscribe to your newsletter because we aren't being as productive as we'd like! I would love to say I turn my phone off by 8pm but after work I'm working on my own stuff and then lay in bed watching funny videos with my wife and by that time it's already midnight. Time zones are tough but I think after reviewing your analytics you'll find what time is best.

    Waking up and starting the week with your morning email and then ending the stressful week with tips to make next week better does sound like a better idea and thus creating more time to really curate what we would need to be more productive and relaxed.

    These are my two cents but love the idea!

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      Hi Joseph,

      Thank you so much for your input!! I am trying to get more insight into how to curate the content and figuring out the logistics, it turns out Mailchimp can indeed send emails at specific times according to the subscribers' timezone which is great. I have a few sign-ups now, which hopefully means I get to a/b test emails soon.

      1. 1

        Awesome! I'll signing up right now 👍🏽

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    Hi Joshua,

    I appreciate you taking out the time to give me feedback! You hit some very valid points. I will see if pivoting either in the amount or time suggestions is more appealing. I also will check out the timezone issue - I know Morning Brew sends out morning emails, I wonder how they handle that. I also really like the half and half idea! It still works with the concept and name.

    Again thank you!

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