No-Code August 13, 2020

A video aggregating site using no code?


Hi. I am trying to make a site that lists the videos posted on Youtube and other video sharing plaforms base on certain filters. E.g. certain keywords. Is it possible with a no code platform? Would be glad if anyone can share actual no code sites that are already doing so.

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    Golf.Studio is a pretty cool site built in Webflow that pulls in YouTube videos based on categories. I'm not sure exactly how they're pulling in the videos (maybe Zapier?) but it has filtering and search functionality (using Jetboost).

    Might be worth reaching out to the creator of that and see if they can advise.

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      Wow this is incredible. It was built on Webflow you say?

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        Yep! It's pretty amazing what you can do with Webflow. The official showcase has a bunch of great examples.

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      Wow. This is pretty much what I am trying to do. Thanks. I like the interface alot too. It is a more immersive experience compared to Youtube's interface. Feels like Twitch lol.

      I am not sure about its newsletter. I guess it is different than just subbing to the individual YT channels?
      When you sub to a channel, it send you notifications regardless of the content topic.
      I am looking to even curate the videos, filter them down to particular videos that are relevant. E.g. only videos specific to iphones on a tech gadget channel.

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        Yeah! They did a great job designing something that's unique but still easy to use.

        I guess you could provide people with options for their notifications based on how specific you want them to be. I think Jetboost is great for that :)

        So are you looking to create a site that's dedicated to tech videos?

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          Nope. Something related to real estate

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            Hey, creator of here. Decided to join IH, happy to answer any questions on this build or future plans :)

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    I’d break this down into two parts:
    A) (regularly) scraping a few video hosting platforms for videos with specific criteria
    B) integrating A with a no code site builder

    Of course, B would be easy. A is the challenge.

    The good news is it’s exactly the kind of problem we’re solving at Browse AI. We’re working on a feature that lets you capture lists of data (videos, for example) from any site and integrate it with any other platform using Zapier. All with no code, just a simple interface.
    Aaand the bad news is it’s not public yet! Our plan is to release it next month.

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      Thanks a lot. Browse AI sounds like some that would reduce plenty of man-hours - provided you know what you are looking for. Feels a lot like
      but with no code.

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        Not a problem!
        We're also working on a Templates section so people can just browse the templates, select one, set some keywords or other parameters, and get their data right away. Probably creating a template for Youtube search results too.

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      I'm just looking through your site and, firstly, I'm impressed. You've got potentially a powerful automation tool that could be very useful for many people.

      On the other hand, it seems like you're trying to do a lot. Just looking at your common use cases, for example, and any one of them is a niche that could sustain an indie business.

      I have to ask. Why are you trying to tackle so many different use cases? Why not just focus on the one, go all in on that and then move onto others?

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        Thank you! Also, great question! That's the biggest problem I'm trying to solve right now. I'm working on a new site and a new positioning right now.

        In the beginning, I cast a wide net because the core product I was building was applicable to a thousand use cases and I couldn't decide which use cases to focus on. The wide net allowed me to talk to a lot of people about all sorts of use cases and get a better idea which ones are more valuable to people.

        In case you're curious: The use case I'm going to focus on (for now) is data aggregation and monitoring. This Youtube search results aggregation would be an example.

        I'm also creating pre-recorded templates that users can setup and use with a few clicks. No need to install an extension. So the recording and automation functionality will become a bit less relevant for now.

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          Makes sense :) It's definitely hard early on because you're on a path that is uncertain. There's also a bit of FOMO, given success seems less likely than failure and we want to increase the odds.

          I think as long as you reduce the time from idea to feedback then you'll end up wasting less time. You'll get to the actual point of adding value (and hopefully generating $$$) faster.

          Whether the best use case is data aggregation or something else, that'll be up to you to figure out! Good luck!

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            Yeah, it's more about iterating and getting feedback quickly and less about making perfect calls. Good reminder. Thank you!

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    I built a #bubble site, that uses its YouTube player func'y. The tricky part is that the base func'y requires you to upload the YouTube video ID (vs a YouTube URL).

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    Bubble is going to be your best bet here. Google “YouTube Complete plugin for Bubble”. The plugin gives you access to the complete YouTube API so I would like to think something like this is possible.

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      Thanks for the suggestion @brettwill1025
      I did a quick search and found the plugin but it has not been updated since 2017.
      But at least that's a start :)

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