A website where startup founders share their tech and business stacks

Hello everyone. I have been making side projects for the past year and I realized something: sometimes I don't know which technologies to choose or which technologies would be the most efficient for a project. I know beginners don't know a lot of things about startups and it would help a lot if they knew what their fellow entrepreneurs were using.

So I came up with the idea to make a website where startup founders could post their own tech and business stacks. Not just that, but why they choose to use these stacks. For example, I use React because of its ecosystem and it makes life easier, I deploy my front end on Netlify because its free, and I deploy my API and Database on Linode because its affordable and reliable. Basically sharing the technologies used to run the startup.

I will also add the ability to comment so that people can interact with each other.

Would it be something that people would be interested in?

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