A wikipedia alternative governed by free market?

Ok, so lately I've been fascinated by websites like http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com and https://gofuckingdoit.com by @levelsio and decided to hack something this weekend 🥷

First thing a weekend project needs is an idea. It has to be original, funny and simple 🤹‍♂️
So I went to have a quick shower.. and had my idea:
A Wikipedia alternative governed by free market: dunno what's gonna happen

How does it work?
Search for a word (or multiple together). If someone bought the page they can edit it and that's what you're gonna see. Become the owner of the page by buying it. Every page starts at 1$ and every time is sold at 10x it's value.

Where does the money go?
70% goes to Wikipedia and 30% to me to pay for my living expenses while building my startup https://creators.so

But why should I buy a page?
Oh well... I totally skipped the product market fit strategy. I went with the shower fit: if it sounds good under the shower then it has a go

paid.wiki is for people that:
😭 Want to have a personal page and can't on Wikipedia
🤬 Want to bash on a company (just buy its page)
🤑 Want to market their own product on competitor's page
🤡 Want to make the internet a funnier place

And here's the technical summary:
👉 Bought domain paid.wiki for 65$
👉 Coded everything in 2 days
👉 Using NextJS & Prisma

Let's sit and watch how internet is gonna behave from now 🍿

🤌 https://paid.wiki/open

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    Hilarious :))) Just made a page there. Love the giffy. Managed to squeeze in a page for free. Do not delete - it is mine now :)

    The $1m homepage worked not because it was such a great idea, but because Alex did the hustle and sold those pixels. It was new, outrageous and never to be repeated. Oh, wait, NFTs?

    If you could sell the idea to WikiMedia Foundation then it's a winner.

    Hey, I like what you are doing. How far down the track are you with your creators.so?
    Can I tempt you with another community-related project?

    1. 1

      Hey Max! What's your page? 😄

      I totally agree on the $1m homepage, I had a lot of fun building paid.wiki, and I'm curious to see where it goes, never built such a "useless" product before and it's amazing to see that at the time of writing there has been almost 10k pageviews in 5 hours!

      About creators.so: I'm not alone and it's our main business, we're working really hand to hand with our first batch of creators and the product is shaping up amazingly!
      Cannot wait to publish it one day to product hunt!

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