About Lean20

Hi everyone! I started working on Lean20 because I think the majority of SaaS is built and priced for VC-funded companies.

I know what it is like to be running a small company and have to pay $99/month for a status page, $50/month for help docs, another $99/month for uptime monitoring, and $50/month for feedback management. The worst part was when an arbitrary threshold was passed and we would more for the same product - SaaS tax

I feel lucky that since I started working on this I was able to find a good friend to come along and help me out on the side.

About our philosophy:

At the heart of Lean20 is a focus on value over revenue. We believe in this so much we decided to launch our first product 100% free, forever. It's our way to show what we are about from the start.


Lean20 has two products right now with a third being developed (and more to come)

  • Status: Free status pages for incident reporting. No catch. Just 100% free, forever
  • Ping: Uptime monitoring without limits. We mean that. Unlimited monitors. Unlimited users. No SaaS tax here
  • Docs (in development) Help documentation made easy for both your content editors and your users

Thanks for letting me share 💚

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