Meta January 30, 2020

Abuse of Milestones Feature.

Shiva Prabhakaran @shiva_prabhakaran

I'm happy for any and all milestones that people reach or surpass in their business but sharing quotes and switching CRM tools etc is not.

If you make a new sale, that is much more of a milestone than sharing a quote by Paul Graham about doing things that don't scale.

And even worse, there are people that are upvoting it to the top when there are other IHers who have genuinely crossed a milestone like launching beta or redesigning their landing page or closing their first customer.

Action plan: Next time you see one, click on the false milestone and report it as "off-topic". We need to keep this clean.

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    My eyes just immediately skip past the milestone section for some reason. Almost like the "ads" section of google results. Not sure why. But yeah, I'm on your team!

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    Can you message me or twitter DM me the specific ones you are talking about?

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      Promoting non-related blog posts:

      All these were a some that I found and reported on.

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    Yea, we try to post genuine milestones for Hadn't realised this was happening but will look for it. The milestones feature is a great one when used properly.

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    I very much support "activist" upvoting of the milestones you all feel are the highest quality!

    There's some stuff I'll eventually do programmatically to detect repeat milestones or milestones that just spam the same link over and over. And of course @rosiesherry and I can moderate to remove, sink, or re-title milestones that make it to the top by "shouldn't." But mostly, the ordering of the list will come down to the community voting on what they find most useful!