Accountability groups for entrepreneurs. Do you know any?

I'm looking for an accountability network for founders. Startup school, IH, Founders Network all fail to hold you accountable for the progress you make. Can anybody recommend something that does? Thanks!!

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    Yourself? Does someone hold you accountable if you don't go to a gym, don't prepare for job interview, forget to pay your credit card, etc?

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      Some people are lucky enough they can do it on their own. Some need an extra push and encouragement from a peer.

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    I actually tried creating a product around this. dipdotchat - accountability groups for developers. It was effective for the folks who joined but I put it on pause to focus on other stuff. Happy to share more.

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    I came across this in a slack chat: https://www.myfocusspace.com/ Also, makerlog or wip.co would be worth a shout!

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    This is the beauty of a co-founder. Or you do the jump off the deep end and make this business not be a side-thing but something that you NEED to get to work otherwise you won't have the income to buy food to feed yourself.

    It's more of a personal mental shift I think. If you aren't motivating yourself, and I get being burned out from time to time, we all end up there, maybe your project isn't the true fit for you and might be a call to pivot to something else.

    Like others have said, you can connect with others who find interest and keep yourself in check. But it sounds like you might fall behind because there is no real consequence to staying focused - and I am not sure if finding a group of people to do daily/weekly check-ins with is going to solve that mental shift.

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      Great, thanks. My struggle is to be more productive than I am, hence search for accountability partner(s). Do you know of any groups or websites that support that?

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    I've been building in public and recently connected with someone on Twitter. We've started having accountability sessions.

    I would recommend connecting with people organically on Twitter and finding ways to help others, in turn, they'll help you

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      Yeah, I'm looking for a partner as well. Thanks!

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    Friends and family mainly. I think being part of a small group of makers would be nice, but I’ve yet to find one

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    There was makerlog which still functioned as a way to update your tasks publicly and hold yourself accountable. However as @jdobry said personal connections who can check up on you might work best.

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      Huh, interesting. Will do. Thanks!

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