Acquisition Channel Opportunities: Native ads, Pinterest, Short video

I've analyzed over 1300 marketing news articles over the past week, trying to identify the top marketing channel opportunities that could get you more paying users:

1.Native Ads are huge. Are you using them as an acquisition channel?

To give you an idea how big native ads are, the top 2 biggest native ad networks, Outbrain and Taboola, were both in the news last week:

According to Outbrain, a web advertising platform, the native ad market is worth over $50 billion and is predicted to grow by $400 billion by 2025.

The opportunity: Native ads work well for digital products (see this example). Native platforms also offer you various targeting options (interests, granular location, etc.)

Barrier to entry: Unlike with Facebook, native ad networks have a "minimum spent/deposit" ($100 for Taboola, and $300 per campaign for Outbrain).

You can view this as a bad, or a good thing. As a rule of thumb, the higher the barrier to entry to something is, the more time it takes to get saturated to a point where it's hard to turn a profit. Native ads are no exception.

2. Influencer Marketing on Pinterest just became much easier

Last week, Pinterest announced a change to the way their creators can earn money: tag products in Idea Pins. When someone clicks on the tag, they can go directly to the URL and buy that product and the creator earns a cut.

The URLs can be affiliate links, enabling users to earn a commission.

The opportunity: This change makes it easier for companies to partner up with Pinterest influencer. Find a few related to your niche, and pitch them your affiliate program. They can then create a few idea pins and test it out.

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3. Short video is getting popular beyond TikTok

Last week, Fortune 100 companies like Facebook and Google published their quarterly earning reports. One thing that stood out to me was the stats around short videos:

The opportunity: If you want to get bigger organic reach, then going with short video is your best bet. TikTok is your obvious choice, where thousands of creators got viral thanks to the algorithm that shows you videos from the whole platform, not just people you follow.

Instagram and YouTube are starting to do the same though, where they show you Reels/Shorts of people you don't follow or interact with. This isn't the case with "traditional" video formats (Instagram IGTV videos or regular YouTube videos) where it's much harder to get organic reach.

  1. 2

    Pinterest is sooo underrated. Some people, especially makers don't even give a try.

  2. 1

    Pinterest is an acquisition channel you're def missing out if targeting the female market.

    1. 1

      There's a certain % of men there as well.

  3. 1

    Thanks for the useful tips!

  4. 1

    Anyone here has any experience with native ads?

    1. 2

      There are many case studies in the affiliate world, just type something like "native ads affiliate case study" (without the quotes) into Google and you'll see some interesting ones.

  5. 1

    It looks like the term "short video" will be associated with "more organic discoverability" by all major platforms, just because of TikTok. Which is good news for creators.

    1. 2

      Seeing this as well. As platforms implement short video, they're definitely not treating it the same as the rest of their formats. It's like short video is a 'platform within a platform'.

  6. 1

    Out of all major social media platforms, Pinterest seems to be the most 'open' in terms of people making money off it...correct me if I'm wrong?

    1. 2

      Yeah, for some reason this is true. Compare this to Reddit, which is the most hostile platform of all for promotion.

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