Acquisition Channel Opportunities: TikTok, Emojis, Meta

This week, I sifted through over 4200 marketing/tech articles in search of news-as-opportunities for you to get more paying users. Here are the top 3 I found:

1. TikTok just shared what kind of videos convert best on their app

If you want to create short videos that convert, TikTok has some data-driven tips for you.

The news: The company analyzed thousands of videos ads to determine which video elements drive conversion rates. Here are a few of the findings

  • High-resolution video ads (720p and above) saw a 312% lift in conversion compared to their lower resolution counterparts
  • Vertical-format videos (shot in 9:16) saw a 91% increase in conversion when compared to videos that did not match the screen resolution and therefore were thus framed by black bars at the edges of the screen.
  • Videos with a clear call-to-action saw a 152% lift in conversion when compared to videos that didn't clearly state what their audience should do next.

TikTok has also published industry-specific best practices for e-commerce stores and gaming apps.

The opportunity: Small changes like these can be the difference between achieving a positive ROI for your short videos and giving up because short video "doesn't work". So pay close attention to these details that may appear insignificant at first glance.

2. Here are the most popular emojis of 2021 (use them in your copy)

The news: The Unicode Consortium has published a list of the most frequently used emojis of 2021.

Who won: Without further ado, here are the top 10:

😂 ❤️ 🤣 👍 😭 🙏 😘 🥰 😍 😊.

As you can see, most of them are face emojis.

The Unicode Consortium also published a list of emojis that are in the "top of their category". Here are some of them:

  • 🚀 Rocket Ship, symbolizing progress being made
  • 💪 Flexed Biceps, symbolizing strength, success, overcoming a struggle, etc.
  • 💐 Bouquet, symbolizing celebrations, relationships, etc.
  • 🦋 Butterfly, representing change, beauty, nature, and transformation.

The opportunity: One of the simplest ways to get more attention to your posts is to include emojis in them. Emojis can be used in Facebook Ads posts, emails (both the body and the subject line), and so on.

These frequently used emojis will give you some good ideas on what to use. The last thing you want to do is use emojis that no one knows about and make your copy more confusing.

3. Facebook: Here's when to use interest-based vs. demographic-based targeting

We don't get this kind of advice from Facebook often.

The news: Facebook has published an analysis on when to target people in your ads based on their interests rather than their demographics.

The findings: Ads with demographic-based targeting performed better than interest-based targeting ads when the interest-based ads were too narrow. When the ads using interest-based targeting were broad enough, both types of targeting performed similarly

Interest-based targeting may be better for indie founders: Facebook found that interest-based targeting is a "winning strategy" twice more often when you want people to take a certain action (such as signing up or purchasing). Interest-based targeting, unlike demographic targeting, will not generate as much brand awareness, but that's not what you want if you're on a tight budget and need to make some sales quickly.

The opportunity: According to Facebook, interest-based targeting works; just don't make it too narrow, or you'll be wondering why only 100 people saw your ad and no one converted.

  1. 2

    Emojis are something that's vastly under-utilized IMO. Especially in email subject lines (you can use emojis there).

    1. 2

      Essentially, non-text = attracts attention.

    2. 1

      Yep 👍🏾 defo agree

  2. 2

    Seems like the gist of TikTok's findings was: Be more professional with your videos.

    1. 2

      Yup, a lot of the insights were about that.

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