Acquisition Channel Opportunities: TikTok, Reddit, Twitter/Snapchat

I've analyzed over 1300 marketing news articles over the past week, trying to identify the top marketing channel opportunities that could get you more paying users:

1. TikTok now has Facebook's equivalent of "Boosted posts"

They're called Spark Ads and are a native ad format that will allow you to boost already popular content on TikTok.

Here's how they look like and here's how to turn any post into an ad.

The opportunity: I've been seeing a lot of people on TikTok promote software using cool little videos. Let's say you find a competitor who's promoting themselves on TikTok organically using a cool video.

Now, you could take that concept and make your own cool video for your own product. Then, you could boost that post so it reaches lots of people.

Good artists copy, great artists borrow.

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2. Your Reddit posts may get higher organic reach thanks to this

The reason: Reddit has launched a new type of sorting for their home page, called "Better than best".

What it means: According to Reddit's official post on this, "even Best can be better" and now they'll use AI to predict what posts you might like and show them to you. This will make it easier for people to check out posts from subreddits they don't often visit. Previously, "Best" used total upvotes/comments to figure out what to show you.

From recommending subreddits to recommending posts: Reddit will also show you "recommended posts" instead of "recommended subreddits", based on criteria like what you engaged with, what you like, etc.


The opportunity: Your Reddit posts will show up in way more places than before, drastically increasing the probability or you getting more organic reach in front of relevant users.

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3. Twitter and Snapchat are larger than you think

How large exactly? Both companies just released their quarterly reports:

When we want to advertise somewhere, we usually start from the "big 2" (Google and Facebook). For some reason, we fail to consider smaller platforms, thinking they're insignificant in terms of users or people advertising on them, when really these "smaller" platforms are cheaper and just as effective as their larger counterparts.

The opportunity: Let's take Twitter, for example. Even if 0.01% of Twitter users were in your target market, that's still 20,600 people. If 1% of them liked your product and bought it (not an unrealistic estimation), that's 206 sales. Not bad for a bootstrapped business.

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  1. 1

    I didn't knew Snapchat was bigger than Twitter 😱

  2. 1

    I definitely learned something today. I didn't know about the Reddit change. Great work!

  3. 1

    +1 on all the points you just mentioned

  4. 1

    Great insights, thanks!

  5. 1

    That Reddit change could potentially b a big one, going from suggesting sub-reddits to suggesting posts.

    1. 1

      It's a change that signifies a change; like you said, going from sub-reddit to posts.

  6. 1

    Thought TikTok already had this. Interesting how some of these big platforms miss features we take for granted on other major social networks...

    1. 1

      Same with Snapchat, unfortunately.

  7. 1

    Not as big as Facebook (in the billions), but still big, over 200 mil users each (and with no overlap, I don't think too many Snapchat users use Twitter and vice versa). Nice insights!

    1. 1

      It's hard to get an impression of something you don't use (like Snapchat for me) without looking at the hard numbers.

    2. 1

      More techy people are definitely on Twitter and Gen Zs are on Snapchat, so you could consider them a "niche" audience in a way (although I'm not sure if 200 million people is a "niche" lol).

      1. 1

        They definitely appeal to one set of people vs. the general population.

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