Acquisition is easy, retention is hard.

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  • In the long run the casino always beats the gambler. Be the casino.

  • Acquisition is easy, retention is hard. True for customers, relationships, money, power, health, happiness.

  • Are you a power Zapier user? Then make a Zap. Trigger: New Zap error. Action: Send message in Slack or Telegram. This way you will catch it earlier.

  • Twitter Intro - a chrome extension that retrieves all mutual follows for any Twitter profile. Then you can ask your mutual follows to connect you with the respective person.

  • Nice Ads is an application that gives inspiration before creating Facebook Ads to e-commerce customers. You'll be able to see how the top liked Shopify stores are advertising on Facebook for free. It will inspire you by seeing Facebook ads from the top 30,000 Shopify stores.

  • PFPMaker creates an awesome profile pic from any photo for free. Just upload your photo, and let it do the hard work i.e. remove background (using AI), beautify your photo and generates dozens of profile pic variations automatically. You can tweak colors, reposition photos, add shadows as well.

  • Skip Silence is a browser extension that allows you to automatically skip parts of a video or audio file that are silent - without losing any important information.

  • xEmailExtractor - find leads from Instagram based on your own followers/your competitor's followers/following or you can also find leads that posted for a specific hashtag.

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Easter Egg Marketing

Hide special features of your product and make them known initially only to a small group of users.

Easter eggs are powerful as they go against users' expectations. People love knowing secrets but they like to share them even more - other users who see them will start asking how you did it -> instant virality.

For example Snapchat's black & white filter.

Send weekly / monthly summary to your users

Send a weekly/biweekly summary of users' activity/accomplishments in your app/website/platform via email.

If possible, let them know the positive effects your app/website/platform made on their life/business e.g. 'last week our app helped you generate extra 57 leads'.

Seeing tangible effects will make users want to stick to your product for a long time + they will share it as well. (Remember Spotify's 'Year in review" that was super popular back in 2019.)
For example, Grammarly send summaries and users know how many times Grammarly helped them pumping the grammatically correct stuff.

Auto-display cart content on return visit

Increase the conversion rate of users who add products to cart but don't complete their purchase in a given visit to your store by displaying cart content on their next visit. This way they won't forget about it plus, you can add a custom message with a discount if they checkout in the next e.g. 10 minutes.


  • Novo (banknovo.com) --- a powerfully simple business banking platform with no hidden fees built for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs by @notabank9

  • spookey.io - Managed Ghost Publication Specially for NoCode Lovers by @saleheen

  • Releasert - a product for solopreneuers, agencies, and practically teams of all sizes to automatically create release notes from project management software (Trello integration is there, but planning to add more soon) by @harisb2012

  • Linkush - Increase conversion rate and brand awareness by attaching a Call-to-Action overlay to every link you share by @ran

  • https://bubblin.io -Publish native books on the web. And binge read with friends!   by @marvindanig

  • The Personality Reveal - Infer your personality from written text by @felixmelchner

  • FinPlan.io - a simple and free tool to create a Financial Plan for your business. by @BerlinProducts

  • https://teambuddy.app - Team building for remote companies. Web app integrated with Slack to help you build better teams. by @woj


  1. The scientific method: how to design & track viral growth experiments (YouTube)

  1. Spooky Halloween marketing campaigns that achieved great results

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  1. 2

    Hey Falak, I really liked Nice Ads, totally boosts creativity.

    Thanks the mentioning Linkush! 💪

    1. 2

      It's perfect for e-com sites. Although limited results but nothing beats free.

      1. 1

        How would you use Linkush for e-com sites?
        What do you think would increase the usability of Linkush for e-com sites?

  2. 2

    Hi @FalakDigital Thanks for mentioning spookey on your article. I really appreciate it.


    1. 1

      SpookEy takes me to Halloween dreams.

  3. 0

    how's the advertising going?

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