Acquisition plan: funnel+channels

This brief post was inspired by @justjack, who asked me in one of the milestones for https://startupbuilder.mba how I plan to grow to 1 sale/day. I thought it maybe gives ideas to somebody else

Here the post: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/lincs/0-sales--MLOcTYf5EqHXrtapCFa

After validating the and reaching 550$ in sales before the launch, here are roughly the things I plan to execute:

  1. Finish the product for the launch on November 18th. Full focus on early-customer customer satisfaction to push the WOM and social proof.
  2. Gather feedback to adjust value prop, optimize landing for conversions with the feedback.
  3. Work on product improvements (there is a roadmap) 20% of the time.
  4. 80% marketing / sales:

High-level marketing funnel:


  • Leverage SEO with blog articles.
  • Continue with the live streams I do every two weeks via GrowthSeeker.io. Integrate the brand and live stream with startupbuilder.mba
  • Press Release and product launch on different mediums when ready and enough audience.
  • Push in Social Networks, mainly Twitter and LinkedIn.


  • Integrate the free resources of growthseeker.io in the startup builder page.
  • Create an assessment calculator (lead gen)


  • Give away a free template to generate leads—marketing funnel (newsletter) with tips, roadmap updates, and others.


  • Success cases/stories of real customer in page + newsletter.
  • Limited-time promotions.

High-level Acquisition channels:

  • WOM. I hope the community I'm building around the product works to boost the WOM. NPS / customer satisfaction and social network presence should play a role in the WOM.
  • Referral program to incentivate WOM.
  • Contribute more to communities like IH helping others with validation and decision-making problems to spread the brand.
  • Partner with Universities and Incubators as a channel for their students/founders (channel).
  • Partner with communities to offer an exclusive deal for their users (channel).
  • Partner with complementary products that share the target audience to sell a bundled and cross-profit of our audiences.
  • Take profit from the Notion hype. Join/promote in Notion communities, Facebook, discord and subreddits—outreach ambassadors to promote the product. Sell the templates in notion marketplaces, including the notion official.
  • Gumroad affiliate program.

I hope it gives ideas!

https://startupbuilder.mba will include a notion template to build and validate your marketing ecosystem and GoToMarket plan. If you struggle with it, grab the lifetime plan before the price increases here ;)

AMA about GoToMarket (sales+marketing). Happy to help!

  1. 2

    Looking forward to the blog articles! Would love to see great case studies on validation.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your comment! Definitely that's something I'll do in the future. Case studies via blog and videos. Keep tuned ;) So far 100% focused on the launch!

  2. 2

    Hi, creating my own program like this too:) I like the idea and have good experience in startups and idea validation:)

    1. 1

      Cool. There is a huge problem out there with it. The more we are the better for the founders. I'll follow your progress closely ;)

      Any suggestion to me?

      Good luck!!

      1. 2

        I would suggest you to think about your business model. A bit hard to pay unless you see a sign that theres enough value:)

        1. 1

          Thanks for the suggestion and comment!

          Do you mean the pricing model or the business model as a whole (all the lean/bmodel canvas parts)? Do you think it's expensive?

          Thanks, love to know more about your thoughts!

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