Advice: Tagline Validation

The past 2 weeks I have been collecting feedback on our landing page Telios. Our product is a private and secure peer-to-peer email service. Email would be the first step before evolving into a more complete communication tool. The common suggestion was to better address the "Why" of our product. After voting, my team and I came up with our top 5 taglines and wanted to know which resonated the most with you guys.

Any comment/suggestion is always appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

What is your favorite tagline?
  1. Owning your online privacy starts with your inbox.
  2. Telios sets privacy as the default, privacy is more than a feature!
  3. The new era of communication! Private. Secure. Empowering.
  4. Telios is the first line of defense of your privacy.
  5. Telios redefines online privacy.
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    Hi! I dont really like any of them. They are too dry and official. Nobody talks like this in real life :) Why don't you experiment with taglines that are more human-sounding? Maybe something along these lines:

    "Telios makes protecting your online presence simple and hassle free."

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      Thanks for your honesty and feedback.

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    Interesting question!

    I'm not sure that the taglines address the "why" (or the "so what?" - if we're talking about prospects' pain points).

    If I were working on the tagline, I'd try to either tie it to a pain point (no more - thing that you make go away) or to the desired outcome (Telios: {{full control over your privacy - or whatever is more relevant}})

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      Very helpful, thanks! "full control over your privacy" has a nice ring to it.

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    I kinda like the first one, but it's too long.

    Here is a little tweak for the last one:
    Telios: Redefining online privacy.
    (this is my fav)

    Remember that the Tag line is what comes after the brand name. Try avoiding something like:

    Telios: Telios is the first line of defense of your privacy.

    And switch it for:

    Telios: The first line of defense of your privacy.


    Telios: Your privacy's first line of defense. (way better)

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      Thanks for the feedback @franco_g, much appreciated!

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