Advice: Which membership site should I use with Circle and Webflow?

Hi everyone! I've read about a zillion of the Memberful vs Memberspace vs Memberstack articles and I've run myself into circles (lol).

My site is hosted on Webflow (www.soapboxproject.org) and I just started a community on Circle. I'd ideally like two pricing tiers (one that's like a $2/mo show your support kind of thing) and one that's an actual membership, includes full access, etc.

Eventually, I hope to expand to B2B but that's not a concern right now.

The things that matter to me:

  • Easy/single sign-on
  • Simple integration to Circle and Webflow
  • Pricing
  • Being able to switch to something else if it doesn't work out (I don't remember which of the Member___s it was, but one of them has a weird Stripe integration that doesn't allow you to port your paid subs over).

Please let me know if you have any advice -- personal examples are best to guide me!

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    Check out Softr, they are the easiest and the best. (https://softr.io)

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    Check out Outseta, it's made by indie's too (@GeoffRoberts)

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      Appreciate the shout out as always @rosiesherry! @niviachanta, the Webflow X Circle X Outseta thing is 75% of our business these days. The integration with Circle and Webflow is super easy, plus we give you access to a bunch of other tools that you'll inevitably need. You can also leave anytime and we make it easy to export your customer and subscription data.

      I would love to show you around if interested—you can book a 1-on-1 with me here: https://calendly.com/geoff-outseta/45min.

      Or if preferable, you can explore on your own via the "Sales" folder in the primary navigation of our website. www.outseta.com This includes a full length product demo.

      Last but not least, tutorials on how to set all this up!




      Let me know if I can help!


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        thank you Geoff! I'll check out all those links and explore Outseta!

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          @GeoffRoberts can you give me your email or email me [email protected]? I just watched the demo and have some quick questions I can send over!

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