May 2, 2019

Adwords campaign during closed Alpha

Alessandro Stigliani @NxAlessandro

Hi everyone, we are currently in the midst of launching our closed Alpha. We are building an advertising banner generation platform. And I'm currently wondering at which point, does it make sense for a product to start investing into AdWords campaigns?

Would you wait to have at least an open Beta?

My main objectives here is to qualify and test some wordings, qualify my base audience regions, and other fun stuff.

Some insights into this subject would be very nice to have, also if you had some experience with this marketing channel, please feel free to tell me more.

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    There have been multiple folks on indiehackers that have done a similar strategy to what you're suggesting:

    • They allocated a small budget to Facebook ads to target certain audiences
    • Tailored ads to be extremely direct and catchy
    • Tracked the amount of impressions and leads on landing page with simple funnels
    • Hopped on calls or emailed leads to get their reasoning for "becoming a lead" or to understand "why they clicked on the ad on the first place"
    • Made sure the product solved the pains of these initial wave of testers
    • Did some magic to their product homepage to make sure everything was aligned based on end of "alpha" period through interviews and feedback
    • Launched on HN/PH/whatever else
    • Started investing in ad campaigns to wider audiences

    Somewhere in between these steps don't forget to set up proper analytics to understand common paths and blockades.
    Some good tools to do this "alpha/beta analysis" are:

    • Mixpanel
    • FullStory
      I m sure there are way more tho!

    Good luck,

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    Hi Alessandro
    I would suggest something different for the test.
    Define who your target is. Search for your targets on Linkedin, send a connection request - explain why you are connecting, invite them to the landing page - do some A/B testing, have hotjar or something similar installed.
    Give them something in return for visiting your platform - a discount maybe.
    Based on how this activity runs, create a retargeting campaign in adwords.
    Don't forget to enable retargeting in Analytics and adding FB Pixel.
    Let us know how it goes.

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      Hi Ana,

      Thing is this is a closed Alpha, we are not making any of our users pay for something. So a discount does not apply in this case. I have already prepared a Linkedin list of users that we will contact at some point. In this case, I will apply most of what you are proposing and make another post with the results.


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        Then maybe offer a coffee or an amazon voucher to help you. The voucher works veryyyyy well.