After 100+ tweets, Just one tweet got me 50 followers

There is no secret.

You just have to do whatever you are doing consistently. Someday something will click and you will know what works and what doesn't.

50 followers might be nothing to most. But it is everything to me. I get their support and it's uplifting. I am talking with 8 of them over DM. They are interested in what I am doing and they are offering help.

Little steps. 🐾

This was the tweet:

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    this happens!

    i might go months without a single follower... and then, in a few days, i'll get 20.

    weird. you never know what'll really resonate.

    i mean, look at these for the last 6 months... crazy up/down!!

    what's insane is that there doesn't appear (at the surface) to be any real, easily-discernible relationship between impressions, tweets, profile views, and followers... wtf.

    not helpful:


    1. 2

      ez. mention from IH ↗
      no mention from IH ↘

      One assumption, you get busy releasing new stuff, tweeting less. That's when you rise. People find you through outer sources like IH and else.

      1. 1

        i'm going to keep going! what i know is this:

        my strategy has always been high-output repetition, forcing the cycle of learning to happen in the fastest way possible.

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      Damn you tweet a lot. 👏

      I would say, when you get unfollowers, analyse what you tweeted recently and when you get a lot of followers, analyse what your recent tweet was about.

      What your audience more. Double down on that kind of content.

      That's what I intend to do.
      I clearly recognise what resonates with people when I tweet and what doesn't. And I am focusing more on the content where people can resonate more.

      I'll share the data from the month of now to let you know how it goes.

      1. 2

        cool. can't wait! thanks!

    3. 1

      NOVEMBER WAS AN UNBELIEVABLE month, content wise and growth wise in some of my major units of my business...

      ... but we lost net followers?! i've spent all weekend trying to figure this out.

      ... i'm not an expert tho. ugh.

      1. 2

        It seems so.

        If anything, your followers should have increased. Did you tweet something which you usually don't or were there too many random tweets?

        1. 1

          i'm a bit of a ... shall we say, "firestarter".

          i can rub people the wrong way... that's not my intent, but, i'm on the spectrum, so... 🤷🏻‍♂️.

          1. 2

            I understand. So I guess you did start some irrelevant fire in Nov.

            Are you planning to change your strategy for better outcome in coming months?

            1. 1

              i don't know if there's enough of a pattern to establish any baseline of behavior and outcome, right?

              1. 2

                I guess you can know this.

                Just have to dig deeper into your Analytics.

                And that’s the purpose of having analytics in the first place. To generate insights on what works and what doesn’t.

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    50 Followers? LOL.

    It's just 2x my current followers :( It doesn't feel right to call them followers tho anyways gratz and keep showing up where you can shine.

    1. 2

      We are at the same place. I had only around 50 in total before that one tweet.

      More than growing numbers, I am just excited about the fact some people are caring what I do and I get to interact with them. I intend to talk(Provide help) with each and everyone(Def to first 1000) to build something meaningful.

    2. 1

      I'm calling them followers just for the sake of clear communication. What would you prefer to call them instead?

      1. 1

        I don't wanna feel like a cult leader so I don't call people followers. I don't call them anything. People sharing something in common, ready to communicate.

        I have 30 people sharing something in common, ready to communicate. Nope, doesn't sound good.

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    Step by step, and you'll grow your audience. Narrow your focus, find the "big fish" in your niche, post replies to them so you can be seen. It will start growing.

    Maybe you'd like to check my newsletter course on this topic?

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    Looks like this post is getting some views.
    I am starting First Gamification Group here on HN.

    Join if you are interested


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