After 4 months of hard work Divjoy 2.0 is live and on the front of Product Hunt 🎉

Hey Indie Hackers 👋

I'm really excited to ship this next major version of Divjoy (a React codebase & UI generator). It adds Material UI integration, a data-driven dashboard component, members-only Discord community, new documentation, a public roadmap, and a bunch of other stuff.

Normally I try not to take so long between releases, but given that you can only launch on PH every 6 months or so, I decided to bundle up a bunch of features for this one. Long development cycles are grueling.. but I think it ended up being worth it.

I submitted Divjoy to Product Hunt right after midnight last night, went to sleep, and woke up this morning with it at the #3 spot, a ton of sales, and a tweet from the official PH account. It's been a crazy morning and I think I might need a drink.

Can it make it to #1? There's some tough competition and I'm not sure a dev tool could possibly win against human horniness, but we'll see!


I'd love your support in the PH launch or feel free to drop any questions in the comments.

Psst.. there's an easter egg on divjoy.com. Can you find it?

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    Congrats on the launch. It looks like a result of hard work, persistence. Well done!

  2. 2

    Looks awesome! Congrats 🎉

    1. 1

      Thanks Scott 👊

  3. 2

    Congrats. Upvoted :-)

  4. 2

    Congrats on the launch Gabe!

  5. 2

    How did you use Notion as your docs?

  6. 2

    Just upvoted!! Deserves #1 on PH.

    1. 2

      Wooo thanks for the support!

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    Congrats @Gabe! Love the design aesthetics. I'm curious how you got your Notion documentation pages onto a custom domain? Did you use a 3rd party tool for that?

    1. 4

      Thank you! I’m using super.so by @traf to add a custom domain to Notion.

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    Nice work Gabe! I upvoted Divjoy on PH and intend to use it for my next project.

    As a solo dev I don't want to be setting up all the boilerplate so this looks like it will save me a bunch of time! :)

    Tailwind and Vue.js would be a nice addition. For the database I usually use Postgres, do you think choosing "other" would cover my needs? Thanks.

    1. 1

      That’s awesome to hear! Tailwind is definitely coming, although probably closer to mid-2021. “Other” for db gives you Node server endpoints for each DB operation (create user, update user, etc) that you can then connect to your database of choice. So shouldn’t be a problem to connect to Postgres, although a little bit of manual work there.

      1. 2

        I will try it. Thank you @Gabe :)

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    Congrats! Nice work.

    1. 1

      Thank you kind sir!

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    Good news! Is my Divjoy 1.0 paid code works for Divjoy 2.0?

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        Cool! Thanks for No-Code with Divjoy. I'm a React, Vue and web dev, but I don't have time to code my personal sites because I have a lot of stuff. My personal sites looks bad before Divejoy
        I highly recommend Divjoy for early stage startups and personal sites! My https://clubavatar.app in Pioneer Tournament wouldn't have been possible without Divjoy!
        BIG THANKS here! Join to TestFlight of my app:

        1. 1

          That's so awesome to hear 🙌

          1. 2

            Yeah 🤩 Divjoy is better than I've ever seen No-Code as professional developer and I'm looking forward to testing the 2.0 features :)
            What's more, many Pioneers find the Divjoy site great with my weekly updates. I probably need to share a link to Divjoy on the site!

            1. 2

              Thanks for helping spread the word! A link is always appreciated of course :) There's also an affiliate program here if you'd like a cut: divjoy.getrewardful.com

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    Nice work @Gabe, can't wait for the Tailwind support :)

    1. 2

      Thanks Will, I'm excited to get Tailwind in too :)

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    Looks really good! Nice work

    1. 1

      Thanks Matthew!

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    Upvoted on PH! Good luck!

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    Congrats on the 2.0 launch!

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