After one IH post, I changed my plan. Now I'm writing a LIVE book and building a private community to help more people grow online stores


I recently posted about writing a book to help people grow an online store, after helping a friend reach $100K+ in only 8 months.

The post generated a mixture of feedback - all very positive. One person (thanks Dylan) suggested that it was more helpful to provide consulting than a book/course. While I didn't fully agree, what he said was nagging at me and has been the catalyst for change. So I am very grateful !

After looking around and some examples in other communities like Ghost.io, I also talked a few ideas through with a few people. Here's the new plan:

1. A LIVE book + community for self-starters. €7/m

Members will get full access to the book (which will only get better over time) and help directly from me and the community. All members will be screened before joining (and paying) to maintain quality and core values from day one.

2. A small private cohort - FREE (so we can test this out for 30 days together)

The cohort will get the LIVE book and dedicated coaching from me and have sessions with the cohort to share and help each other in a more focused way. I am trialling this first cohort for 30 days.

Here's the link:

Site built with Notion, Super.so and subscriptions managed with Memberspace.

I genuinely want to help as many people as possible. But given that this will eat up more of my time I have to see if this will grow and provide even a small income at the same time.

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    @typeofgraphic This looks like a great idea indeed! Specially the screening. It's really important to maintain the quality.

    Super's landing page looks amazing btw! You've included all the parts that were coming to my mind. Keep up the hustle haha!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the kind words @harshvijay. Your comment helps me feel that slower, high quality community growth is right choice.

      Glad to hear the copy was engaging ! I wrote it enough times 😂

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        Haha I'm sure the efforts will pay off soon!

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