After scaling to six figures as a designer, I'm starting my own design service for indie hackers!

Hey indiehackers,

My name is Ayush and in the last year and a half, I've scaled my freelance business to over 200K/year. In that time, I have been gifted with the opportunity to work as the design head for many web startups and YC companies. I reached my peak when I got into Linkedin as a the design lead for one of their biggest promotional events ever.

BUT charging higher than market rates is TOUGH. Getting high paying clients (30K-40K+) is super time consuming and you have to go through tons of legal paperwork and proposals to even get started with these projects.

Also, there are months where I'm unable to focus on other things since I'm spending way too much time collaborating with other designers and illustrators.

So I decided i would like to take a lower amount of large clients and instead start working on a design service like approach. Ive seen some great success with these kind of business models, and I feel I can provide GREAT VALUE to web startups. Something like designjoy.co and growmodo.com, but with a twist.

I'm used to working with the biggest brands and companies, so I can provide much more value to tech businesses than most out there.

For starters, I would like to get in touch with a couple great indiehacker businesses and completely redesign the shit out of their website. For free. Just to gain some trust in this community. (oh i know freelance 101 nEvEr WoRk fOr FrEe, but f*** it I wanna jumpstart this thing).

So long story short, if anyone has a got a business they've been working on for a while, and want to elevate their landing page or brand, reply down below with your existing website and basic info.

Let's see how this thing goes! I'll select my top three indiehackers :)


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    Congratulations on your entrepreneurship journey!

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    Lucky three indiehackers that will get your midas touch. How will you select the three?

    All the best with the new journey.

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      Thanks for your support! I didn't think that I would be able to get the amount of startups that I did, but I'm looking to see how much I can improve their website.

      So in short, I want to see the worst marketing websites for the best ideas.

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    Hey @ayushsoni! Just had a look at your site, impressive portfolio! Your site looks great as well, I'm currently working on a tool called Wyreframe for designers or developers turning into designers. Here's a link to the project: https://wyreframe.co, I have another version I had redesigned which is not live yet and will be the version I will share with you, you can reach me via the email on my Indie Hacker profile or the feedback pop up on the site, cheers!

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      Just checked out your project. Seems like a great product! Just reached out to you on email :)

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    Hey @ayushsoni, thanks for taking the opportunity to offer your services to indiehackers businesses / passion projects! Definitely would love to consider my current business as possibly one of the companies to elevate our landing page / brand.

    I am currently the co-founder for a business called " Beauty Slot " where we're focused on booking last minute appointments with ease. We're currently looking to build out our landing page to gain some traction & turn heads on what we're building in the health/beauty industry.

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      This sounds great. Reach out to me on my email on my profile, and let's get this thing started!

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    Your background is very interesting. Best of luck with this! Let me know if I can help in any way :)

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      Thanks a lot! Will do

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