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AIDAS (Day 393)

Notes on AIDAS:

  • Anticipation
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
  • Satisfaction

If your ad or podcast or content marketing successfully makes a user curious, they will click and reach the entry point--an app or a landing page you provided--with anticipation.

When we become curious, we are anticipating learning information. Our brain releases dopamine, a pleasurable chemical related to the anticipation of a reward (in this case information). Simply being in this curious state activates the hippocampus, enhancing memory. byrdseed.com

A dopamine drip is the highest point a user would get, and it dissipates quickly. Just like playing a slot machine, or shopping--anticipation is the high point. Once the outcome is shown, no matter win or lose, or whenever you've received the product you bought, the high actually fades away quickly regardless if there's a real reward.

So the point of entry you need to capture a user's interest, raise their desire and lead them to action. Maybe it's possible to design a page that accomplishes this for one user, but how can we capture all users?

Remember that the entry (landing page) only serves one kind of customer. The ones who are just browsing with very little interest are going to leave anyway. The ones who are already customers will go straight to log in and repeat their behavior. The only target on this page is the ones who are interested but not having enough desire to take action (usually that means making a purchase).

Whether if it's a service or product, we should keep the message direct and focused. Explain how this could benefit the user, not just a feature list, both emotionally and functionally.

The last part, "satisfaction", depends on how well the user experience is and if it does serve the needs of a customer.

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