Airtable's best new no-code feature: incoming webhooks

Airtable's incoming webhooks are great. For developers and low-code aficionados alike, this feature makes Airtable more programable and helpful.

We wanted to help unpack this new feature for the community, so we wrote up a tutorial featuring an Airtable webhook integration we use everyday → Stripe. Give it a read:


Setting up an incoming webhook is a three step process:

  1. Create the webhook endpoint in Airtable:
  2. Send a test event to validate the webhook payload
  3. Add actions and automations:

You can integrate webhooks from all sorts of services - Salesforce, Jira, and Shopify to name a few. Or, you can also build webhooks that work with Airtable into your own first-party services.

Hope you find this useful. And if you have any feedback, suggestions or requests for more tutorials - let me know in your comments.

  1. 3

    I might just retire Firestore for good. 🤯

    On a serious note, the work Eric and Anthony are doing @ https://syncinc.so is AMAZING and they're just awesome people.

    If you want to get an POC/MVP built in a day... there is no better combo than Airtable and Sync.

    I'm starting to consider just using Sync as my production database, forever. 🤔

  2. 2

    Outgoing Webhooks would be neat.

    1. 1

      Outgoing webhooks is already possible With the script automation. It's no a perfect/practical solution, but works flawlessly.

      1. 1

        Interesting. Thanks for mentioning

    2. 1

      @nafetswirth -

      Does Airtable not have outgoing webhooks currently?

      What events and actions in Airtable would you want to trigger outgoing webhooks?

      How would you use the webhooks?

      1. 2

        Last time I checked they didn't, think it's been on the roadmap for a long time or has been back then.

        Some things I can think off:

        • Send an email for example when someone signs up.
        • Kick off some expensive calculations when someone submits a form.

        Basically I want to trigger other flows from Airtable when there is a new record, I think you can do this with Zapier but I think they are only polling.

        It's fine but push is much better in a serverless event driven architecture than pull for example, also for things like no-code

        1. 1

          Huh, you're right, it's super surprising that just a plain "webhook" is not an option. It is such an obvious action that its omission must be on deliberate.

          It does look like you can probably send a webhook via the "custom script" part, but that's limited to Pro.

          I just noticed that the available actions to do on a trigger are limited to only those that airtable has created/directly integrated with - was hoping that the ability to create a custom integration action existed, but not yet, it seems.

          1. 1

            Yeah I think it's been requested a bunch and I was also disappointed that it's not supported yet.

            Seems like table stakes to me

  3. 1

    Nice. thanks for sharing!

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