March 25, 2019

AirTally - Feedback Request

Lousie Miller @lousie_miller

Hi Indiehackers!

hope y'all doing fine! We're working on an idea and need your help evaluating it. The name of the project is:

AirTally (

and we try to make it easier for businesses / event owners to keep track of their visitors. At least by number. Then give them insights. The ultimate goal is actually to build a raspberry pi powered camera with a ML model to tally people (anonymized) without saving their pictures.

Appreciate every kind of feedback!
Thank you!

PS. This Community rocks!!!!


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    In general, not sure this would result in event organizers converting - very little on the homepage speaks to a typical event host. I'd suspect most are non-technical, and use Eventbrite or Meetup or something like it. "Always know how your Event is doing" is not specific enough to inspire 'need'.

    "synchronization and dashboard" - not words normal people use

    The 3 highlighted features are also technical.

    Clearly, if you're just focused on hack / dev events this wouldn't be as much of a problem. It's still not clear what the product is or how it solves a problem I have hosting events.

    If you haven't, definitely interview like 20+ event hosts (easy to find on meetup) and use their words.

    Hope this is helpful!

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      Very good idea! Thank you, I totally get your point!

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    Everything seems clear to me, except a principle of work. Basically it is just a counter synced across multiple devices? Need more info about mechanism especially at the landing page. And an user story, how you count people with your friend at some local event for example. You could write your own, or give someone to test.

    Me and my friends John and Juliana decided to conduct a masterclass about how to take care of you puppy effectively using modern technologies. (lol)
    But we faced with the following problem: "How to determine, was our masterclass successful or not?".
    Describe cons of classical methods, like paper and pencil etc.
    Describe how did they found your app and the pros of using
    And this is how we came to use "AirTally".
    While John prepared our presentation, me and Juliana took care of counting our customers.
    By doing some magic thing in application.
    After the end of event describe achieved goal
    Happy end. Thanks to the product. Our life is not the same now. etc.

    And sorry, for my bad english :) i just trying to help your business

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      much appreciate the feedback. There are some good points we will work on that and update the landing page.