AL Samer - Meditation and Relaxation App

Suffering from stress, tension, extra responsibilities during COVID-19, then Al Samer app is your best bet. AL Samer is a relaxation and meditation app that connects you to a more beautiful life, a journey to mind treatment spa. It is available in English and Arabic and can download it on your Android or iPhone devices.

A truly life-changing app to find inner peace, reduce stress levels, overcome anxiety, increase focus and concentration, improve sleeping habits, stay calm, find peace and relax – the list goes on.

Practice your daily meditation and breathing exercises and cultivate mindfulness all at once. From meditations, motivation programs, to concentration-boosting music, the app is your one-stop shop for changing the way you get things done.

The app includes a group of specialized categories towards a clear goal:

• Relax
• Sleep
• Focus
• Motivation
• Resilience
• Soul

Feeling low energy? Then boost your motivation with our specialised programs and enjoy life to its fullest. Sleep meditation program is the most relaxing way to end your day! Say goodbye to sleepless nights and enjoy a restful sleep.

To ensure best experience, each main category contains powerful sub categories:

  1. Songs of Nature: natural sounds of birds, forest sounds, waves, rain, animals, sea, etc.
  2. Tunes: musical instruments and harmonies
  3. Meditation: vocal instructions
  4. Enlightenment: excerpts, quotes, wisdom, poetry

Moreover, AL Samer App will help you to create the best journey that suits you, as well creating several journeys for your different moods.

And, AL Samer is your digital friend; you can call him AL Samer Chatbot! You can talk to him as your best friend, and you can ask him what comes to your mind.

We are here to support you.

Got Questions? Get in Touch with Us.

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