Already built product & community looking for technical co-founder to take it to the next level!

Hey everyone!

I'm Jay, the founder of Swpely. Over the last 6 months I've worked with a contract development team to build Swpely (essentially Pinterest for business people) and grow it to over 2k users with a few thousand more on the waitlist entirely through organic and word of mouth.

Things have been moving well but I want to move faster. I'm already getting robust product analytics, conducted user surveys, and built a decent audience through LinkedIn and Twitter to help grow Swpely.

Now, I'm looking to really pour gas on the fire and implement all the learnings I'm finding faster on the product side.

The development team I work with is great but I'm looking for a true technical co-founder. Someone I can partner with in the long-term and build a strong relationship with.

The product is currently being redesigned (I created the redesign through Figma) and having social aspects implemented. So things are still going and growing, not stuck.

My strengths are in growth. My last job was Head of Growth at a startup called Trend (influencer marketing platform) where I managed all growth and content efforts and helped scale the business from 6 to 400 paying brands in a year.

Happy to answer any questions and chat through Twitter DMs (https://twitter.com/JayAtSwpely)!

Here's a link to the marketing website - https://www.swpely.com/

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    I'm down to chat more. 6 years of Developer experience and ex FAANG. Contact in profile

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    Honestly, I was thinking about this the other day. The amount of bookmarks, etc that have saved for later need to be better handled. I wish I had more time to join as a technical developer. Wishing you all the best on your journey!

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      @BlackZulu would love to still chat sometime if you're open to it! Would be great to get your thoughts on what Im building here!

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        No problem, I'll DM you on Twitter. I'm just finalising a MVP I've been working on for the past three weeks.

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    interesting project, let me know if you want a independent technical advise (contact in my profile)

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      Awesome will do!! Appreciate the offer!

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