Alternative Marketing Idea Feedback

We've recently launched https://askdigsby.com, a tool for AirBnb and other short-term rental hosts. It's an automated host for your rental.

Right now, we're in that early stage trying to get our first few customers and build things up. Turns out developing is easier than marketing 😉

We're looking at Facebook Groups for AirBnb / VRBO / short-term rental hosts and trying to promote to hosts where we can. However, one idea that came to mind was to promote to guests.

The idea is that we ask guests to suggest / recommend Digsby to their hosts and basically give a referral code. If the host signs up, the guest gets something (perhaps they need to sign up a few - not sure).

Any thoughts on this as an idea?

Some questions that we are looking to answer:

  • Would this feel spammy to the hosts (not the impression we want to give!)?
  • Are referral schemes a pain to run?
  • Would you feel comfortable suggesting Digsby to your host if you were a guest?

Thanks in advance!

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