Alternative to OnlyFans

With the recent changes to the OnlyFans platform, many creators are looking for alternatives to continue doing their work and be able to earn money from their content.

One of the best alternatives is Telegram. The advantage of Telegram over other platforms is that many people already use it, they already have it installed on their mobile phones, and they don't have to download a new app to access the content they want to consume (unlike many other community management platforms).

Thanks to OverGroups.com, you can create a group or a private Telegram channel and only give access to people who are paying for your content.

It works very simply: OverGroups connects to your Stripe account and automatically gives access or removes users from the Telegram group or channel. If the user has an active subscription to your membership, OverGroups keeps them in your group; the moment they unsubscribe or fail to pay, OverGroups removes them from your community.

In addition, OverGroups can do many other things to help you manage your community without headaches:

· You can use it with an existing or new groups and channels.
· You can create super users that will never get kicked out of the group or channel.
· You can integrate it with your design.
· You can run it in test mode to see what would happen in the group but without kicking anyone out.
· You can activate email alerts that users will receive when they have been banned.
· You have a dashboard with all the information about your users and a log section where you can see everything that has happened in the group or channel.

And much more. If you want to know more, visit the OverGroups.com website.

  1. 2

    Clever idea!
    Due to OnlyFans backpedaling their NSFW ban, this pitch seems almost moot. But the idea has great potential.
    For example, several authors I support on Patreon have private Discord channels.
    I don't really use Discord regularly, but I could imagine even paying for a higher tier if it came with a Telegram channel.

    1. 1

      Thank you very much for your comment. I wanted to take advantage of the changes in OnlyFans. It goes wrong. :-)

      In fact, the reason why we created OverGroups, as you can guess, has nothing to do with it. We explained it here: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/overgroups/a-short-presentation--MdqVSoQEIGdWCnkUxXJ

  2. 1

    cool, I must say .. here is a similar idea, a marketplace for communities: https://www.decimapub.com/

    1. 1

      Yes... :-) We have been very timely...

      1. 1

        How do you plan to promote OverGroups? I heard that payment providers sometimes cancel sex worker's account

        1. 1

          At the moment we are creating content and trying to grow organically.

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