Am I on track? Website monthly subscription services.

Hi All,

I'm just looking for people that have gone down the subscription route.

Currently, my studio does the 50%/25%/25% payment method for websites, after 6 years of doing this I no longer think it's the best way to get new business in.

We've recently set up a second business that I want to do more of a SAAS model of charging monthly payments where we can.

My question is how did you arrive at your price points? We took what we charge over the 24 months then divided it into monthly a monthly cost.

Am I on track? Let me know what you think.

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    Monthly price for what exactly? I'm not sure I follow.

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      Sorry if that was unclear, Monthly price is for Websites - this includes the site cost (design & build), hosting, maintenance, etc.

      We wanted to find a way to get businesses that are unsure if they need a website or were put off by the initial up front cost.

      In some way an alternative to using Wix etc.

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