Ideas and Validation September 5, 2020

Am I ready to go live?

Santiago M. Quintero @SantiagoM

I've been working on a project to give founders feedback, inspiration and quantitative data on the potential of their ideas and target markets.

The product remains a proof of concept, and as such is not ready for "lauch", but I do want to get it live to get some feedback on the idea, the UI & UX and what features are most pressing to implement before the launch.

I already included Amplitude with a few events to get some Product Intelligence. But maybe I'm missing something, what do you guys think?

Original Post Validating the idea?:

Am I ready to go live?
  1. Absolutely!
  2. No, the product is missing... (please add a comment)
  3. YES, and do keep me informed as I am interested in it.
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