Ideas and Validation March 30, 2020

Am I shooting myself in the foot?

Patrick Lorenzut @lorenzut

I have an idea that very easily works for three different niches (for influencers, for remote teams, and for online communities). The tool is the exact same for all three, but the messaging is very different.

I'm concerned that if I try to be for everybody, then I'll be for nobody. But I'm equally concerned that if I try to niche down I might pick the wrong niche. So what I did was create a home page that then leads out to three different landing pages (still in development).

Do you think this is a good solution while I'm in the process of doing interviews with potential customers? Or am I shooting myself in the foot? Should I just suck it up and pick a single niche right now?


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    Since is the same platform for every user group, you can differentiate every pitch slightly to match specific interests of that group. Maybe is better to ask current users how they use it, to provide their experiences (case studies or testimonials) so after some time you will have more useful feedback and ideas what to do next.

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    I like it :)

    Much better than what it was before, imho.

    I was confused how it actually works, it took me a while to find the 'Here's how it works' text.

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      Thanks @rosiesherry! Describing how it works is on my docket for today :)

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    it's not a product I would use (because I cherish loneliness when I work), but loved the copy. that thing alone shall get you plenty users until the end of times. it is also spot on for the times we're living, haven't seen anything like this around. good luck.

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    You can do a split-test and compare the conversion rate into a subscriber on each page.
    Another way, just bring an equal amount of targeted traffic on every page and compare the conversion rate into a subscriber.

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      I suspect he doesn't have the traffic yet to do a proper A/B test that reaches significance without lasting for ages. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

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        Not wrong, unfortunately :(

        I freaking love a/b tests and would totally go that route if I could.

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    Awesome idea and great product! I don't think you are shooting yourself in the foot but I also don't know if it's necessary to divide your product for all three cases. I would rather try a landingpage explaining what your product does (bring remote people together) and further down highlight different usecases. Those could still lead to the different "sales pitches" as you call them ;)

    As you hate the word influencer: Did you try "content creator"? A lot of influencers prefer that term from my experience. Disregard this if you did your SEO research and it's just the term that is googled more.

    You didn't ask for it but here is an idea for a growth hack: Offer your product for free during the COVID-19 crisis. I know you promised to donate but offering it for free to help businesses survive (and stay sane ;) ) right now is far more useful to your future customers. And it makes the decision to try it out a n-brainer. My hypothesis is that they will remember and they will pay once this crisis is over. At least think about a huge discount.

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      Thanks so much @halfcat.

      I like this idea and will try it. That is, explain the general value proposition, and then also highlight some different use cases, all from the home page. Then I think I'll still keep secondary landing pages for those use cases to dive deeper, but that way you wouldn't HAVE to click to a second page to see how it could work for you.

      Also I 100% love the idea of making this free for the duration of COVID-19. I will make that change today. Agreed that it's more useful than donating the profits... and also it's better for me because it gets me more potential customers for when this thing is all over.


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    Well, you are not shooting yourself but I don't know if it would really work. I mean like myself I would never ask any questions if I don't understand why I should. So, maybe the solution would be to provide more information to clarify which profits respondents would have if they would choose.

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      In theory, I agree. But we've not gotten cash from ANYBODY yet.

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