AMAs October 28, 2020

AMA: 38% reply rate on b2b LinkedIn leadgen

Matt Kohn @Mattkohn2220

Since August, I've been running a few dozen B2B lead gen campaigns on LinkedIn for our agency and for clients!

Our most recent campaigns are crushing and we are at a >38% reply rate while booking about 2 appointments per day and 4-8 leads per day.

Ask me anything about running leadgen campaigns on LinkedIn!

PS. If you're not using LinkedIn for biz dev - you're leaving hella $$$ on the table :)

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    Nice, what tool are you using to do the outreach? What’s the process?

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      I use a few different tools, main one is Copilot AI for teams. Process is simple

      • Identify target prospect
      • Send outreach messages
      • Followup/convert replies into appointments
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    Wow. That's impressive.

    I am in the Enterprise Software play, would love some pointers in terms of your cadence and copy that's getting you 38% Reply Rate.

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      We focus on getting a reply from qualified leads and avoid direct pitches.

      Blatant sales pitches are easy to ignore. Genuine curiosity is irresistible.

      The goal is to open a conversation and move from there to an appointment if there is an opportunity.

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        I might have to look at specific examples of questions you ask, but great work. Thanks.

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    What is your product?

    And does it convert to sales?

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      this is for a number of different products/services for client campaigns. Depends on the product but Typical sales cycles range from 1 call to a few weeks for smaller deals

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        Awesome result. Is it possible to give an example of what different products/ services are you offering? Because I assume a lead gen activity for coffee beans vs SaaS products are different. Cheers :)

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          Agency services and enterprise SaaS products. niche/solution doesn't matter as much as strategy and creativity. esp with so many marketers using automation, you need to be innovative with your approach/msg.

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    How does this compare to LinkedIn ads and blind messaging people through LinkedIn CRM tools?

    Just to clarify, when you said reply rate here, you meant sending messages? Right?

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      I haven't used LinkedIn ads so IDK. We are sending targeted connection requests w/ follow up sequence to start a conversation. Not sure what you mean re CRM tools.

      Reply rate is the % of leads that reply to a message.

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