AMA: I just passed $1100 in sales for HUSTLE OS - a Notion-based dashboard.

HUSTLE OS just broke $1100 in Sales on Gumroad. Never thought this day would come so quickly with $0 on Marketing until today… I wrote an article on details here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-i-made-500-with-a-notion-dashboard-and-spent-0-on-marketing-d7a8c888a1

I want to help you do the same! And answer any questions you might have to get a Notion product from zero to sales. Or any other product for that matter!

What makes HUSTLE OS unique? It helps you solve real problems. Step-by-step. Check it out: https://gethustleos.com/

That's all the info I have for you!


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    That's pretty cool, I really like your site's visual style, really clean. One question, I saw that you offer a 10 minute call on the free version, have you thought about this in terms of scaling? Have people that used this free call converted into paying customers?

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      Thanks so much for your comment and apologies for my rather late reply :/

      Thanks also for your positive comments about the style. I am very focused on Branding. Its a big passion!

      About the 10min call. Not a single person has used this sofar. So I am not worried, but I will take it out once it becomes a problem. The main reason it is there is because I really want to get face value with my customers by speaking with them directly. That way I can learn more and improve my product faster! And of course converting them into paying customers is an accompanying thought. But that hasn’t happened from a call yet sadly. Only from a special discount code I have for those free users that I send out sporadically.

      Hope that answers your question :)

      Would you be interested in using HUSTLE OS yourself btw? If not, I would love to understand why!


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