AMAs November 23, 2020

AMA. My website went down 24h because of a DNS mismatch. 🤯

Matthieu Chabert @matthieuchabert

And this was a day after the ProductHunt launch 🤦‍♂️

To give you a bit of context, I bought my domain name on Google Domains but wanted to transfer the DNS nameservers to Cloudflare because all my other domains are there.

But, it didn't go as planned and the propagation took forever.

It usually takes a few minutes so I double-checked every possible thing but there was nothing wrong (presumably).

After 24h and still a lot of inconsistent propagations, I reverted back to the old settings and it worked again in 5 minutes...


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    Tip from past similar experiences:

    1. Set the new DNS records on old nameservers.
      1.5) Wait 24 hours
    2. Get the new DNS records on new nameservers
    3. Switch nameservers.

    2 and 3 can be switched if settings allow and you complete each within minutes of them.

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      Thanks for the tip man 😉

      Will definitely prepare more the next time and not assume it only takes a few minutes.

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        It can take a few mins. It can kill the site for a day....

        We learn from mistakes.
        Your next time will go smoother and in 10 more migrations will go smoothly.

        When you can automate migrating 100+ sites in a day without any downtime you have mastered it!

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    Wow. Sorry, man. I just found out there was a typo in my website in my ProductHunt launch for five, there's that.🤦‍♂️

    I've just learnt to tell myself "shit happens" and move on. Hopefully there's better luck up the road.

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      Ahah yeah I was pretty upset when that happened but it’s not the end of world either.

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