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AMA: We're a 7 figure SaaS without a dedicated support team.

We're a bootstrapped 7 figure SaaS company and we've never had a dedicated support team, instead everyone at the company does support one day a week. I haven't heard of many other companies doing that, but it's worked out great for us.

More details on why we do it in a recent blogpost. But I'm curious if others are considering it? Happy to answer questions.

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    Good for you!

    You can learn a lot from staying close to your customers. We've handled our own support for 8+ years now and we're also a 7 figure SaaS company (2 person team).

    Similar to you I wrote about our experience a few years ago https://www.mycreativeshop.com/learn/5-lessons-you-can-learn-by-doing-your-own-customer-support-our-experience/

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