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An Analog Story

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    Narrative Form:

    a visitor checks out yen.io and sees our yidget and gives it a try! they enter the lobby (chat) where they can chat anonymously with others as well as DM any of the team members (John, Aga, Ben), which is visible in the chat (sidebar). they have become a new guest in our chat! besides seeing some info on the chat itself (team, desc., urls). they also see a public (free) channel called #yeniverse! they can only view the last week of conversations ("view only") and when they try to chat they are asked to register (email, pass... passwordless?). after registration / confirmation, they can now chat with other members of the yeniverse! but, they also see more channels, some are paid / locked while others are free to join. if they'd like to gain access to the locked / paid channels, they'll have to become paying subscribers. upon payment, they will now have access to the paid channel plus the ability to use YEN platform on their own website.

    It's neat to see how close we are in actual execution. 🎯

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