An app for freelancers (and small teams) available on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Hi everyone 👋

I just wanted to share the project that my partner and I have been working on called “Orbit: Time-based Invoicing” (https://timeinorbit.com).

After spending some time trying to find an app to use for our own work as freelancers, we decided to build one ourselves! We started out building a native app for the Mac, with a focus on ease of use and an intuitive design. Soon after releasing the Mac app, we set out on our journey to build an iPhone and iPad app, focused on quick actions, glanceability, and a delightful design (but you be the judge of that 😉).

The app is $7.99/month, or $79.99/year (USD). We’re also having a special offer for our yearly plan for the rest of January, bringing the price down to $39.99 for the first year! Currently, Orbit is a subscription-only app, but we’re thinking of adding some limited free features later this year.

Also, if you have any feedback or questions, I’d love to hear it! 😊

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    Small feedback -
    The landing page looks pretty good @MalinSundberg! I loved the color scheme you've established. However, I do feel that there is more scope for content and explanation to the website visitors. If you need some design inspiration, you might find my tool, Brutask's landing page useful.

    Quick question -
    Are you planning to make a windows app too? Would love to try that out for sure

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      Thank you @siddhitaupare! The landing page for Brutask looks great! I love the videos. We'll also add one to our page to show the app in action soon :)

      Since we're a small team of two, we're focusing on the macOS and iOS apps at the moment. We are planning on making a web app in the future for our non-Mac users.

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        Haha thanks for the feedback! Yes, do use the in-action video, it's shown me great conversion rates.

        Also, great to hear that you would be expanding the operating system support in the future. In that case, let's stay connected!
        Would love to try out the Non-Mac version whenever that gets launched!

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    Why not Android and Windows! 😊

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      Since we're a team of two, we decided to focus on the Apple platforms for now. We're planning on making a web app in the future, and eventually an Android app too 😊

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