An Engineer's guide to Starting Up - 0 to 3 Month

Hi Everyone,

I'm the solo founder of Quadzig(https://quadzig.io) and I penned a blog on how to get started with a product geared towards Engineers. Have a read here and let me know what you think. Feedback welcome!

Link - https://vinaynadig.medium.com/an-engineers-guide-to-starting-up-0-to-3-months-eebb740af829

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    This was a very helpful and well-written article! Also a wakeup call for me as I was already well on my way to making a lot of the mentioned mistakes 😅. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and perspective!

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      You are welcome! I am glad that you found it useful and all the best with your product. :)

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    Good article! There's a lot of unique points here that can be missed early on and have a greater impact down the line. One for the bookmarks.

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      Thanks! I intend to keep it updated as I have more ideas.

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    Goood read! As an engineer, I needed to read this

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      Glad you found it useful. Thanks!

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    Nice writeup and great advice overall

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      Thanks for the kind words!

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    Great article, I really enjoyed it. I found a lot of your advice to be aligned with my own experience!

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    Many good lessons and well written.

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    Thank you so much. Really helpful ❤

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