An idea for a IHer looking for a project

After my recent frustrations with filestack.com and then reading this post, I went on a hunt for product and it seems that it doesn't exist, at least not in an excellent way.

It's a pain to write a truly excellent file uploader widget.

Companies like Filestack.com and Cloudinary exist and thrive BECAUSE the above problem statement is true. They have built truly excellent file pickers that do all the cool stuff you would want them to

  • crop images programatically
  • let the user freehand crop
  • restrict file types
  • restrict file size
  • hook in with other cloud apps (like dropbox etc)

However they all tie their product to hosting and distribution, and they charge prohibitively.

What I need, and I believe many others would need is simply the amazing file picker. I host my own assets on S3 (soon to be R2 hopefully) and I could easily put my own CDN in front of them, but as I use Filestack I am tied to their CDN and I am charged excessively for bandwidth use.

The reason I stay with them? Because the provide an amazing upload experience for my users and I am no way good enough a JS dev to build one like that myself.

Anyways... it's just a thought

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      Yup this is definitely on the list to try. I am having a play around with "Uppy" at the moment. I think the final solution will be Uppy or Filepond for sure.

      I don't Pintura as the vast majority of uploads on my product are not images.

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    Have you tried https://transloadit.com/? You can plug your OWN AWS S3 bucket, and they will send your files there.

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      Yeah I was actually tinkering with their product "Uppy" last night. It could be a goer. I can't use the full Transloadit product as they apply bandwidth limits and charge ridiculously.

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        If you need to relay the upload process to a third party, it is going to consume computing power, evitably that needs to be charged.

        that is why most of the file uploaders with reasonable price only deals with front-end.

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          Yup but they charge obscenely more than what it costs (which is fine - I would do the same) but the part they charge for is something I can handle easily myself (uploading to s3 and then delivering via CDN).

          Its the actual "widget" or "uploader" that I can't do easily myself so thats why its the only part I want / need.

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    I have built a profitable SaaS this year and I write some profitable ideas every week at Micro SaaS Ideas and I wrote about this in April, 2021 as there is a lot of potential to this model. So far I wrote 500+ profitable ideas.

    Here is a excerpt/snapshot from my post about this specific context.

    Example from Micro SaaS Ideas newsletter


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    could this help or be a solution? https://pqina.nl/filepond/

    And what about https://www.simplefileupload.com/ that you reference doesn't work for you?

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      Ah this file pond thing looks potentially great. Will have a play with it tonight.

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    Interesting. How much would you expect to pay for a tool like this?

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      depending on the functionality it provided maybe up to $50 a month

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        It would need to be very feature complete the way filestack's one is.

        eg on the file stack dashboard I just plug in some AWS details and the widgets uploads to my S3 bucket. its genius.

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          There are truly great minds out there!

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