🥃 An idea on the back of a napkin

Hey everyone,

TL/DR: I made a thing and would love your feedback (https://www.thenapkinvc.com/).

Like many of you, I really enjoying evaluating different startups and technology businesses whether as a founder or an investor. I found whenever I would look at these opportunities, I was always coming back to a few simple models: a business equation, unit economics, and flywheels.

Using that simple framework, I could start to answer key questions about a business or market's growth trajectories, identify key business levers, estimate long term stability and determine whether it could generate accumulating advantages. I found the simpler I could explain them, the more persuasive they were. The best ideas should fit on "the back of a napkin". Going through this analysis framework for lots of businesses has helped identify good investments and contextualize trends across markets.

I made a site (https://www.thenapkinvc.com/) to post these findings in what I hope to be an engaging and refreshing format. I just published it live this week and would love to get some feedback from this community on any and all aspects.

Looking forward to discussing!

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