An industry-focused job board

Hey guys, I'm validating whether an industry-focused job board has a space in the recruiting market.

You see, I really like the tech stack of my current company but found their industry is just not very appealing to me, at this point if you asked me, yes I would trade some money for more enjoyment at work.

Yes, LinkedIn does have an industry filter, but I found it too late because it's not what they want you to see first, I thought a platform like this could email people every week jobs in the industry(ies) they'd really like to work on.

My aim here is that more people start joining jobs they'll actually enjoy and at the same time give companies the possibility to post jobs in a board with candidates applying because they actually care of what they are building.

The site literally has 0 jobs at the moment, if you want to post a job for your startup in the site, feel free to do it using the code "AlwaysChooseImpact" (without quotes) in the form so that I don't have to manually approve it.

In looks for the future, I think the site could start gathering the experience of candidates in X industry, this way companies will be able to filter out candidates for key roles at their companies. For instance "I, as a company, don't only want a finance manager, I want a finance manager that has worked in the logistics industry as I don't want to spend as much money/time teaching him about my business"

EDIT: find the MVP at http://passionjobs.io

How important is the industry of your next employer?
  1. A lot, I will not work in a company whose industry I don't enjoy
  2. It doesn't bother me much, as long as the benefits are good
  3. Other, reply
  1. 2

    Have you also considered creating separate job boards for every industry?

    See how @searchbound does it. He's doing a good job in spotting such opportunities.

  2. 1

    Interesting idea. Not sure how you’d go if you covered lots of industries vs picking one suitable one to focus on.

    One industry that appeals to me personally is the solar power industry but I wonder if they’d have any trouble attracting candidates or not. OTOH the coal mining industry holds zero appeal to me - perhaps they’d have more trouble attracting certain types of professionals?

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