An instant win for building in public

So I've decided to build in public.

It's not something that comes instinctively to me, but I've been super impressed with examples from @yongfook and @Kevcon80.

Just announcing my decision brought an instant win.

@kasiamanolas shared her insights which helped accelerate my thoughts.

And I gained a follower.

Noisy Signal

Ok it's small potatoes but when signal looks like noise we need to look closely with a bit of faith.


Image: Ash Maurya, Lean Canvas / Lean Stack

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    No potato is too small for carb loading 😎

    1. 1

      Ha ha. That's a rule to live by!

  2. 2

    Congrats Rab, the first one feels great! I like what @arvidkahl says about consistency, “ I've come to understand consistency being at the core of growth. I've been writing a blog post, sending a newsletter, and recording a podcast every week for a year now. I didn't have an audience, then I had a few people, then a few hundred, and now it's a few thousand.”

    He’s spot on. As others have said each one is a brick stacked. If you’re doing something interesting and honestly sharing and interacting with what others are doing you’ll get followers by default.

    1. 1

      honestly sharing

      Agreed. Key.

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    Thanks for the mention, Rab! Happy to follow you and continue watching your journey!

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      Clicked on your twitter on your profile, and it says account doesn't exist - https://twitter.com/kasia_manolas

      1. 1

        Oops, I recently changed my username! Here you go: https://twitter.com/KasiaManolas

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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