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An interesting tool I've found

Recently I've found this tool and It made me feel like I was looking for it since forever.

Now, lately I haven't done any work in which this tool can help me, but years of frustration, of back and forth emails and a lot of time lost just to pass a bit of information just flashed before my eyes.

The tool is so simple and so obvious and I wonder why didn't anyone made a product earlier, that does the same and why I haven't heard of it.

If you worked as a freelancer, doing all sorts of websites, or worked in any web agency, I find it hard to believe that at some point, the project manager or the client itself, didn't just ask for a small border around a button, a color change on an element, a smaller or bigger font. Now, that sounds like a very simple scenario, but in reality this happens:
for remote work :

  • receive an email with screenshot, with encircled elements, saying "this should be red, this should be smaller, this should whatever", then, you do the work, then you realize that you need to change things just a bit.
    for office work:
  • probably the PM comes near you at your computer and asks you for the update in which you start to do things and they start to feedback you on the spot (a bit left, a bit smaller, a bit of border or whatever).

Now, let us be opened for a bit. It is frustrating. A 5 minute job, done with an exchange of 3,4 emails or just having someone staying near you for half an hour undecided of what they want.

The tool is called usebrunch.com - It lets you add your project (site) - give the link to the client or PM or any collegue involved. They can just go and select an element and put a note, or even use some dropdowns and buttons to change some colors and in a few seconds they can explain what they want, where they want the update.

You just go to the panel, see the notes left there, quickly understand and do the "dirty" job.

This project was done by @astoica and his team.

If you have any feedback, contact @astoica. I think any feedback is at value at this stage.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Positive feedback means a lot to us as it gives us the energy to continue building the best product we can build.

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